Custom printed garment labels not only make your products stand out but also help to reinforce brand recognition and customer loyalty. Incorporate your brand’s logo, colours, and message into your labels, to create a unique packaging design that will catch the eye of potential customers.

Printed garment labels offer versatility, customisation & convenience making them a preferred option for many clothing manufacturers.

The types of printed labels that give your brand the professional finishing touch are as follows.

1. Polyester Satin Printed Label.

Our polyester satin labels are made from 100% white or black polyester meaning they are silky and soft to touch. The label edges are smooth against the skin and are fully sealed during production to ensure they will not fray, even after long periods of wear and tear. The result is one that looks truly luxurious. These labels are also available in 100% recycled polyester, offering a sustainable option for the ever growing environmentally conscious.

2. Cotton Printed Label.

Cotton labels offer a more environmentally friendly option in contrast to other traditional labels. By eliminating the requirement for additional materials like what can be found in synthetic labels, they contribute to waste reduction and minimise the use of potentially non-biodegradable components. Also, being a natural fibre, cotton labels are a planet-friendly choice.

3. Heat Transfer Printed Labels

To create these labels, the design and/or garment care information is printed onto a special heat transfer paper and then applied to the fabric using heat and pressure. Our specialised production method guarantees durable and long-lasting labels that withstand washing and fading. Heat transfer labels provide versatility, as they can accommodate intricate designs, vibrant colours, and even photographic images. This versatility allows for full customisation and branding options. Additionally, each type of heat transfer label offers distinct advantages in terms of comfort, durability and presentation of branding.

4. Digital Printed Labels

These labels can reproduce intricate designs with exceptional detail and precision. They are created using digital printing technology, which allows for a wide range of colours, patterns, and gradients than other more traditional methods. Digital printed labels can incorporate logos, images, and even personalised messages, providing a unique and eye-catching label option.

5. Woven Printed Labels.

Woven printed labels combine the durability and tactile appeal of woven labels with the customisation, colour and design options provided by printing. They offer long-lasting performance, making them a popular choice for many clothing and textile products.

By considering the desired appearance and label texture that best suits your garments, you can select the most fitting type of printed label from our extensive range. Our thorough range of labels will contribute to improving the overall quality and appeal of your garments.

Why choose Jointak for your printed labels?

  • Place your order and receive your labels for clothing and other textile products super-fast.
  • Have you had a recent label design challenge? Whatever your requirement, we’ve got you covered.
  • High quality from start to finish.
  • From design right through to delivery, we aim to exceed your every expectation.


Printed labels can be washed and tumble tried in a range of temperatures specific to the substrate being used.


Printed labels are an economical option which can be used for a variety of applications. Speak to an expert from our customer service team and get started with custom printed today.